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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Question: Would you bet against Joe Paterno?

Answer: Neither would I. has an article titled:

"How Arlen Specter solved his Sestak problem: Arlen Specter was supposed to be vulnerable in Pennsylvania's Democratic primary. But it hasn't played out that way"

Why has Specter beat the odds? Specter has long made it a habit to visit each of the 67 counties in Pennsylvania each year:

"He has for years and years and years and years been the hardest-working man in Pennsylvania," said Philadelphia-based Democratic consultant Dan Fee.

"Have you ever been to some of these counties? I bet he's met every person in some of these counties, because there's just not a lot of people."
It will be a tough season, but I would not be against any man with that kind of work ethic. Would you?

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