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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The New Health Insurance Reform Law: What It Does For You This Year

Starting immediately and throughout the coming year, our families, small businesses, seniors, and young Americans will begin to feel the real and positive impact of health insurance reform. The following interactive graphic will show you the benefits of the new law that begin within the first year.

1 comment:

  1. Click on the areas that affect your personal situation and ask if you want these features repealed for you, your neighbors, or your family. Is this the plan that you have heard so many negative things about? Yup, it is! How can that be possible?

    Why have so many tried so hard to portray this as a bad law? Who would want to continue the stranglehold that insurance companies have on Americans that need affordable healthcare?

    Pat Toomey has pledged to repeal this law and replace it with a piecemeal plan of minor individual bills that would not be able to what this new law will give Americans this year. His plan would increase the deficit, does little to encourage cost reduction, and would continue to make it hard for America to compete throughout the world.

    Toomey's plan will be fine for him, we already pay for Pat Toomey's lifetime health care. I guess he just does not care about the health of the rest of us.