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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Campaign Update

This just in from Chris Nicholas, Senator Specter's Campaign Manager:

The Senator’s campaign has had a terrific week, buttressed by endorsements and strong crowds at his events. Local, state and national Democrats continue to endorse Senator Specter, joined recently by the Philadelphia Building Trades Council and the Scranton Federation of Teachers.

Last Monday in Scranton more than 120 local Democrats came out to join Senator Specter for breakfast. The Senator talked about investments in health care in northeastern Pennsylvania, progress of the Scranton-NYC rail line, and jobs that the economic recovery bill has created and saved in the region. Watch Senator Casey's comments about Senator Specter.

(Just a week earlier, our primary opponent Cong. Joe Sestak hosted a Scranton event that drew just 10 people.)

Wednesday the Philadelphia Building Trades Council, comprised of 42 unions with 77,000 members, unanimously endorsed Senator’s the first major endorsement by organized labor in the Democratic Senate primary.

At a packed union hall in northeast Philadelphia, the Inquirer reported:
Union leaders cited Specter's crucial vote for the federal stimulus last year, and repeated support for increases in the minimum wage and to retain the Davis-Bacon Act, which requires federal construction projects to pay union rates.
Recognizing his work for public education in Pennsylvania, the Scranton Federation of Teachers also announced their endorsement of Senator Specter.
“We are proud to stand with Sen. Specter because he has stood with us to improve public education in Pennsylvania,” said Rosemary Boland, President of the Scranton Federation of Teachers. “We are excited to endorse his re-election.”
Over the weekend Senator Specter spoke before a receptive crowd at a meeting of the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA). As the Morning Call reported:
The education association, which gave Specter two standing ovations during his dinnertime speech, has endorsed the incumbent senator in most election cycles…
Cong. Sestak, plagued by small crowds at many of his local events, continued to fumble – giving new and conflicting excuses for skipping 127 votes in Congress. Those 127 missed votes have earned him the worst attendance record among his fellow Pennsylvania Representatives. In an Erie Times-News story a Sestak spokesman said Sestak's 127 skipped votes were unimportant!

No wonder political publications around the state continue to question Sestak's ability to run a serious statewide campaign. The most recent round of stories detail that Sestak has yet to even hire a campaign manager a mere 16 weeks from the primary. Sestak signaled that he’s in no rush to hire a manager.

…his campaign model is not scalable to the statewide level,” said one Democratic insider familiar with Sestak’s previous campaigns.

Finally, Senator Specter announced last week that more than 300 Democratic leaders have now joined his Statewide Advisory Committee. These local, county, state and federal elected officials and party leaders have endorsed Senator Specter’s campaign and have provided a big boost to our efforts.

See the new Advisory Committee Members here. You can view the entire Advisory Committee here.

Senator Specter is building support as he travels across Pennsylvania. Make sure that you receive an invitation when the Senator is in your area. Click here or the “Become a Member” link below to sign up with your ZIP code so you can receive updates on Senator Specter's next visit to your area.

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